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Ravi Mohan Mishra | Apttrix | HBTU, Kanpur | TwoWaits
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Ravi Mohan Mishra
  HBTU, Kanpur      Founder Apttrix
Ask For : Bank, SSC, CAT
Ravi Mohan Mishra, is an alumnus of HBTI Kanpur. Prior to founding Apttrix e-Classes he worked at Infosys as System Engineer and BSNL as Junior Telecom Officer. He followed his heart and decided to make his passion towards teaching, his full time profession. The idea of making quality education accessible from every nook and corner of the country, he gave up traditional classroom teaching and started e-Classes which can be attended by students from anywhere in the world. His lucid explanation of every concept is very easy to understand for every student.He is known for his formula free smart problem solving approaches. His simple and smart approaches helps in solving even difficult questions very easily.He is a great motivator as well.

For more info visit my website : Apttrix

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What led you to leave your comfortable and secure job of BSNL to start a risky journey to revolutionize the education?
Irony is that it was not at all comfortable. Even Saturday was working as well. But that was not the reason of leaving it. I must admit, I learnt too many things related to my branch (Electronics) which I could never do in college, specially in Tele-Communication as I was involved in planning, installation, testing and commissioning of telecom equipments/networks like Rings, DWDM etc. It was a great experience to learn and see things practically. But the other side of the story was that from day one I knew I will not continue this job for more time as I had a vision to do something which has a bigger impact and where I can have more autonomy of taking decisions which any 10 to 6 job cannot provide. On a fine day I decided to leave BSNL. At that time I had no idea that I will be doing start up later.
Ravi Mohan Mishra
HBTU, Kanpur, Apttrix
Describe your experience of clearing some most competitive exams like CAT, IBPS PO.
I must say with my experience that yes these exams are competitive if we look at numbers taking the exam but not all difficult in reality. If you are having the clear fundamentals and understanding along with good exam handling strategy one can crack these exams easily.
Ravi Mohan Mishra
HBTU, Kanpur, Apttrix
How do you think your efforts can be useful for Harcourtians? What role you can play in the development of our juniors?
The vision is to Make Apttrix eClasses a brand to reckon with. In a short span of operation, we have been able to establish ourselves as an organisation providing quality learning having learners from all state and UT's.

We are planning to launch our CAT course in year 2018. IAS courses are lined up for 2019. Anyone aspiring for CAT is welcome to join us for great learning experience.

Few courses are being planned like personality development, English speaking Improvement etc are planned in due course which will be helpful for college students.

Also, we have team expansion plans and we want to recruit more people who can take this organisation to a new level. HBTU will be my first destination to recruit on campus.
Ravi Mohan Mishra
HBTU, Kanpur, Apttrix
Tell us about your formula free smart problem solving approaches. Why do you think it can be more effective for aspirants as compared to other conventional methods?
I am pretty confident that i am the person knowing lesser formulae than any teacher/student preparing for any exam. But, it is never an hindrance in my performance in exams. The formulae are just generalized numbers and every student is poured with the formulae since birth and therefore the real learning never happens. I teach the number patterns and logic which helps in developing correct understanding of any problem at hand and when in & outs are understood anyone can react better in any question.
Ravi Mohan Mishra
HBTU, Kanpur, Apttrix
Tell us about Apttrix. How it is different from other EdTech platforms? Why do you think eLearning is more effective than traditional classroom learning?
Apttrix eClasses provides live online and self paced courses for Banking and SSC Exams. In coming years, we will be launching courses for CAT/UPSC/IIT/Medical etc. The vision is to make it a one stop solution for learning.

I must admit as an EdTech platform we are not unique as presently there are many EdTech offering these courses. But mostly they are tech offering Educational courses. But we are Educationists using technology to provide learning accessible to everyone. Also, as teachers we are really unique. We focus on keeping our learning process to be in the best interest of learners and that makes us unique. Also, we are not in any mad race of revenue, We are growing slowly and steadily and we always have learners in center of any decision making.

I started my teaching career as a traditional classroom model but soon I found that I am just catering to the students from a particular locality only.

I wanted to provide the better learning to students from smaller places- village, towns as well. Which was not possible in traditional classroom learning. In physical classroom model the only way to reach more students is by the way of opening new centers and at every center you need to find the best faculties, which is really a tough job and therefore the quality of physical classroom learning defers from a place to place.

In e-learning, there is quality assurance as the trainer can deliver to any student being anywhere. It allows quality learning accessible to a village student as well.

eLearning also has below advantages:
1- Anytime, Anywhere learning.
2- Self Paced Learning.
3- Better Analytics for Learner's Progress
4- Less time Consuming than attending physical center.
5- Technology makes learning process more effective.
Ravi Mohan Mishra
HBTU, Kanpur, Apttrix

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